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Darius, Tatttoo Artist at Renaissance Tatoo.
Darius, Tattoo Artist.

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Darius's Name

Darius is a fantical Artist and his very obvious gift for drawing is evident in his tattoo work! He is popular for good reason, he is puttting out amazing tattoos! He enjoys tattooing realistic black and grey work but is of course very happy doing colour work too. He is looking forward to sitting down with new clients transforming their ideas into beautiful tattoos!

Darius admires the tattoo work of Carlos torres and Dmitriy Samohin

Darius usuallly works by appointment but also enjoys doing walk-in tattoos.
Niall, Tatttoo Artist at Renaissance Tattoo.
Niall, Tattoo Artist.

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Niall's Name

Very much a custom Artist, Niall is obsessed with tattooing, especially traditional tattoos. He also loves black and greay work and drawing custom designs for clients. If he hasn't got a tattoo machine in his hand he's probably painting!

Niall looks up to the tattoo work of Bert Krack, Rich Hardy and many others!

Niall is happy to do both walk-ins and pre booked tattoo pieces.


Adie, Tattoo Artist.
Adie, Tattoo Artist.

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Adie's Name

Adie's life revolves around tattooing, he's a highly creative all-rounder who enjoys producing beautiful work. He is renowned for his friendlly manner and is expert at puttting clients at ease. His skills include most styles, including Japanese/Oriental work and tribal and he loves working on the darker, edgier side of tattoo art. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with evil imagery; he rarely turns down the opportunity to tattoo a skull!

He cites Carravaggio, Rick Griffin & Jim Phillips as some of his favourite Artists and admires the tattoo work of Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Guy Aitchison, Josh Duffy and David Corden.

He generally works on an appointment only basis but he can sometimes fit in smaller pieces if he has time between bookings (please phone first to check his availability).

Amanda, Tattoo Artist.
Amanda, Tattoo Artist.

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Amanda's Name

Award Winning Artist Amanda's tattoo skills are in great demand, she is considered by many to be one of the best female Tattoo Artists in the UK today and a true master of her craft.

She first became interested in tattoos when she was around 12 years old and she started her Tattoo Apprenticeship in 1996. From the first time she held a machine, to winning her first award, tattoos and tattooing have always both fascinated and captivated her. She has gained an enviable reputation over the years, eight of which were spent at Tattoo UK.

Amanda believes there's no bigger compliment as an artist than for someone to want to wear your art on their skin forever, so whether she's tattooing a tiny butterfly or an elaborate faerie, each piece is just as important. She feels she puts a piece of her soul into every one.

She loves the diversity of Tattoos as a medium, mixing and matching designs from different genres but particularly enjoys doing Faeries, Japanese, black & grey or soft/realistic colour work.

Amanda has tattooed at (and won awards at) numerous international tattoo conventions, she has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry at these events.

She is a busy mum and in her (rare) spare time Amanda like to explore other creative avenues, enjoying various kinds of Arts and Crafts.

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Amanda works by appointment only and regrets that due to her high work volume her waiting list is now closed.

Emils, Tattoo Artist
Emils, Tattoo Artist.

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Emil's Name

To put it simply, Award Winning Artist Emils is a 24 carat, gifted eccentric! Emils mother enrolled him at Art college from the age of 5 and this is evident in his skill with almost any Art medium. He has been blowing minds with his almost supernatural tattooing skills for quite some time now and he gets better day-by day.

If he isn't tattooing he is either constantly drawing or painting, he is a huge credit and inspiration to all at Renaissance.

Emil loves to custom draw all his tattoos, a vast majority of his work is drawn freehand on the skin. He can tattoo just about anything amazingly well and he is ridiculously talented. He is constantly pushing himself forward. He is a truly creative individual with a burning passion for the art of tattooing.

Emil also loves, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Airbrush Art,
Spray can art, Fast Caricature, Henna, Body Art, Chalk, Metal Design, Jewellery Making and stealing Adie's pens.

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Make sure you check out Emils portfolio and if you want some super-cool , individual tattoo work, contact us to arrange a consultation with him!

Emils works by appointment only and regrets that due to his high work volume his waiting list for larger work (sleeves and back pieces) is now closed.


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