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Meet the Artists that make up the Renaissance family! 

Pete B, Tattoo Artist at Renaissance Tattoo.
Pete B, Tattoo Artist.

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Pitor's Name

Pete B's Tattoo work is astounding as are his drawing and painting skills. He loves Black & Grey realism work as well as Neo Traditional and is guaranteed to turn your ideas into a beautiful reality.

Pete usuallly works by appointment only but also enjoys doing walk-in Tattoos.


Antonio, Tattoo Artist at Renaissance Tattoo.
Antoino, Tattoo Artist.

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Antonio's Name

Antonio produces breathtakingly stunning work and you can be sure you'll be in safe hands with him. He his comfortable with every style and never fails to impress.

Antonio usuallly works by appointment only but also enjoys doing walk-in Tattoos.

Amanda, Tattoo Artist.
Amanda, Tattoo Artist.

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Amanda's Name

Amanda is a true master of her craft,  she's is a Multi Award Winning Artist and has been Tattooing Since 1996. If you're lucky enough to be Tattooed by Amanda you'll find she puts a piece of her soul into every Tattoo she does.

Amanda has Tattooed at numerous international conventions and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. 

She loves the diversity of Tattoos as a medium, mixing and matching designs from different genres but particularly enjoys doing Faeries, Japanese, black & grey or soft/realistic colour work.

Amanda works by appointment only.


Adie, Tattoo Artist.
Adie, Tattoo Artist.

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Adie's Name

Adie's is a creative all-rounder and as well as producing beautiful Tattoo work he is our resident Body Piercer and Laser Tattoo Removal Expert.

He loves tattooing most styles, from black & grey to Japanese/ Oriental work and rarely turns down the opportunity to Tattoo a skull!

He is an approved member of the British Tattoo Artists Federation and has been Tattooing and Body Piercing since 2004.

Martin Tattoo Artist.
Martin, Tattoo Artist.

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Martin's's Name

Martin lives for Tattooing and is never happier than when he has a pencil or Tattoo Machine in his hand. He loves Old School/ Traditional work though he has a strong interest in realistic Tattoos too.


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